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The Best Orthopedic Hospital for Knee Replacement in Karimnagar

Choose the best orthopedic hospital for Knee Replacement in Karimnagar

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The decision to undergo a knee replacement surgery is an important step toward reclaiming an active lifestyle. It’s is vital for you to feel confident in your choice of the hospital and also the surgeon.


Here what you can do and look in finding the right hospital with an experienced surgeon.

  1. Look for the surgeon’s history of successful knee replacement surgeries. Also the doctor who can do the proper diagnosis and feel you can discuss your concerns and questions openly with him.
  2. And make sure the hospital you choose would be covered under your insurance plan.
  3. The hospital should have an infrastructure for the physiotherapy and the post-operative plans and follow up an appointment that helps you in managing your recovery.

Renee Group of Hospitals has an advanced orthopaedic department in the region with state of the art facilities and provides all kinds of orthopaedic treatments, from joint pains to broken bones for patients of all ages.

Dr. Swamy Bangari at Renee Hospitals is a pioneer in Total Knee Replacement and Spine Surgeries with an excellent track record of handling high-risk cases.

Dr. Swamy Bangari performed  over 30,000 surgeries in Telangana region

  • Performed first Thoracotomy & Anterior Spinal Fusion surgery in Karimnagar

  • Achieved 99% success rate in Orthopaedic Trauma and Spine surgeries

  • Resorbable Screws were used first time in Karimnagar

  • Successfully performed Revision Knee Replacement

  • Performed first Joint NeuroFribroma of L1 to L5 under world class Pentiro 900 Microscope Pentiro

  • The highest standard in Total Hip and Knee Replacement surgery

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