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We have a proficient team of doctors in treating the whole spectrum of disorders related to the urinary tract and the reproductive system.

The services offered by the department include:

  • Prostate-related surgeries
  • Urinary reconstruction
  • Male infertility and sexual dysfunction
  • Vasectomy reversal
  • Pediatric Urology
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic ureteroscopy for kidney stones and other conditions
  • Complex urinary incontinence surgery

Urologic Oncology

Our department provides services like diagnosis and treatments for urinary system tumors. Most importantly taking care of patients with prostate cancer, kidney, testicular and bladder cancer.

The four disease process that it is involved on urologic oncology are as follows:

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Urinary Bladder Cancer
  • Kidney Cancer

Our areas of treatment and procedures in urology

  • Bladder Tumor Screening
  • Lithotripsy (Kidney Stones)
  • Prostate Cancer Surgery
  • Adrenal gland surgery

Following procedures are done routinely by laparoscopic surgery

  • Radical, simple and partial nephrectomy
  • Renal cyst surgery
  • Pyeloplasty, pyelolithotomy, ureterolithotomy
  • Uretero-ureterostomy, ureteric reimplantaion
  • Bladder diverticulectomy, bladder augmentation
  • Radical cystectomy
  • Radical prostatectomy
  • Retroperitoneal and iliac lymph node dissection

Surgery and procedures for stress incontinence

  • Tape procedures
  • Colposuspension
  • Sling procedures
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